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Infia is committed to ongoing research and development of innovative solutions aimed at reducing the environmental impact of production processes.
Its plastic packaging already makes a significant contribution to sustainability by reducing food waste. Thanks to the new “F” side ventilation system, fruit and vegetables have a longer shelf life.

By working with our customers, large retailers , government institutions, non-profit organisations and entities involved in environmental sustainability, the reduction of waste and recycling of materials, we are striving to consistently make improvements in the performance of our products.

To our customers, our commitment becomes a guarantee of respect for four main objectives:



Today food waste is a topical issue drawing the attention of institutions, more and more inclined towards eco-friendly economics. In a situation when the new watchword is "rationalisation of resources", we strangely keep wasting enormous amounts of food. Every year in Italy 260,000 tons of food is lost in the distribution chain turning into rubbish: fruit and vegetables account for 40% of this figure. At the level of the final consumer the amount of waste is even more alarming (source: Last Minute Market).
The key to all this lies in the shelf life of produce, meaning the length of time produce can be stored without becoming unfit for use or eating; if we talk about fruit and vegetables, the performances of packaging are determinant for preserving produce for a longer time, thus reducing the amount of food bought but not eaten. Even the UN and the European Community realise this.

Our commitment aims to develop solutions for improving shelf life by reducing the percentage of waste that causes great financial losses to retailers and prevents sustainable development of our industrial sector. Infia punnets with “F” side ventilation are an example of our commitment in this direction.

The company actively participates in many targeted programs of international entities (Save the Food, Love Food Hate Waste, Wrap etc.).



Infia punnets feature an innovative side ventilation system called “F Concept”, allowing for a 25% reduction of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere during the pre-cooling phase of fruit and vegetables.
Besides, thanks to the new mono material handle free of metal rivets, all Infia punnets are now 100% recyclable.

Upholding its green innovation philosophy, Infia has concluded an authorisation process for its "Supercleaning Process" with the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).
The approval enables the company to use its RECYC077 registered INTERNAL recycling process, ensuring that its material is 100% recycled, safe and sustainable.


  • reduced use of virgin plastics preventing environmental impacts tied to extraction and refining
  • benefits in terms of energy, utilisation of resources and greenhouse gas emissions.



To Infia safety is a founding value, and it is consistently committed to implementing prevention plans and plans for improving working conditions for safeguarding the well-being of its workers. Thanks to its mission, Infia helps make accidents on the workplace preventable. Every employee is, in turn, responsible for ensuring his or her own safety and for keeping others safe.

Infia is committed to respecting laws, codes of ethics, cultures and having a positive impact on the quality of life of the community where it belongs.
Its mission also has compassionate ends: every year it makes financial donations to charitable entities and associations.



The side hole ventilation system, the One-Shot mono material punnet, use of internal supercleaner or introduction of a new print directly on the punnet are only some examples of how the enthusiasm, skill and expertise gained by the company over the years are a guarantee of quality and efficiency for customers around the world.



“Infia supports associations and international organisations concerned with spreading the culture of the reduction of food waste and promote environmental sustainability and the recycling of materials”.



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